Edible Mushroom Sticker

We never use original stickers on Cubensis Grow Kits, Spore Prints, Spore Syringes and Cubensis Liquid Cultures. For the safety of the shipment, we attach a sticker with a variety of edible mushrooms. No one will know you are ordering Cubensis Mushrooms Growkit. Even if it open the package.

Real Invoice

We add also real invoice from the real shop with edible mushrooms mycelium and spores. On the documents you can’t find name of our shop and web address. You don’t find here words like: Cubensis mushrooms, Cubensis spores, magic mushrooms, Cubensis Growkit or something close. Shipping looks very profesional.

Package with growkit and invoice
Earth with examples of transport


Package tracking

Track your item from start to finish. Every order has a tracking number. You can use this number to check where your package is now. You need to use this number with a third-party company such as DPD, DHL, Fedex, Inpost, postal services and so on. It depends which company we used to transport your goods.


For shipping we using the most know companys on the worlds like: DPD, DHL, Fedex, Inpost, postal services. Your goods are always insured when traveling to you.


Fresh growkits

We have delivery 2 times per month. That why are products are always fresh. We use for transport refrigerated car. We store mycelium in fridge and never longer thatn 2 weeks.

The best producer

We have growkits from the most bigger vendor in europe. Their producs was tested for tousends of people. They sell tousends of growkits per week. They always answer for our claim if your growkits is contaminant.

Growkits inside the bags