Golden Teacher Ampoule Set


  1. Capacity Ampoule: 10cc
  2. Spawn run: 28 *C
  3. Primordia formation: 23,3 – 25,6 *C
  4. Fruiting: 23 – 26 *C
  5. Cultivation of this species is illegal in many countries. Please check your local regulations before ordering.
  6. Toxicity: poisonous
  7. Shipping Info – e.g. Europe delivery: 3-5 days


Magic Mushrooms mycielium – Cubensis Golden Teacher Liquid mycielium

  • Keep your’s culture clean, cool and dry: 2-4 *C
  • Which kind of substrates they love?: Rye grain, wheat straw, horse or cow manure.
  • You can find this species in the subtropic and tropic zones all around the globe.
  • The most importantly is check your local regulations before ordering, because cultivation Cubensis mushrooms may be illegal in many countries, like: Poland, UK, and others, so be shure what you order.
  • Besides Cultivation, you can also do microscopic research with this syringe.
  • Because this Liquid Syringe don’t have any psychodelic substance inside, therfore is completly legal.
  • Legal status of psilocybin mushrooms
  • Check also our Cubensis Spore Prints – Prints


What you can find inside the box?

  1. Ampule with mycelium 1pcs
  2. Alcohol swab 2pcs.
  3. Syringe 1pcs
  4. Needle 1pcs
  5. Syringe cap 1pcs

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0.1 cm