Cubensis Grow Kit x 10pcs.


  1. You can choose 1 strain
  2. 10pcs. of cubensis Growkits
  3. 10 x Polipropylen Box with mycelium.
  4. 10 x Two paper clips.
  5. 10 x Bag with filters.
  6. Shipping Info – e.g. Europe delivery: 1-3 days



Cubensis Grow Kits – one strain (10pcs.)

  • Let us now which strain you choose by order notes or email
  • This Grow Kit contains evrything you need.
  • You will must only monitor temperature and spray (bag inside) with clean water.
  • You get from us, a very accurate substrate and mycelium balance, to analyze.
  • Each Grow kit has enough nutrients to produce 400-600 grams of fresh mushrooms.
  • You can find this Mushroom in the subtropic and tropic zones, all around the globe.
  • Please check your local regulations before ordering, because cultivation Cubensis mushrooms may be illegal in many countries, like:
    Poland, UK, and others, so be shure what you order
  • Besides Cultivation, you can also do microscopic research with this Grow kit.
  • We sell this Cubensis Grow kit are meant for educational purposes
  • Legal status of psilocybin mushrooms
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Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm