Want to Grow Psilocybin mushrooms? You must read this.

By on 09/18/2023

The process of growing Psilocybin mushrooms is incredibly rewarding, and if done correctly, can yield an endless...

Mushrooms in the forest

...supply of magic mushrooms for micro-dosing or self-discovery and development.

What you will need:

    - Wide mouth Glass jars

    - Our Magic mushroom spores

    - A fruiting chamber — you can make your own or buy one

    - An incubator — you can make your own or buy an incubator

    - Distilled or Filtered water — your inoculum will be contaminated by tap water

    - Substrate — brown rice flour & vermiculite

    - A spray bottle to keep your substrate moist

    - Perlite for water retention

    - A lighter

    - 70% Isopropyl alcohol cleaning solution instead of 90 percent

    - Tinfoil

    - Nitrile sterility gloves

    - Large bowl for mixing

    - Measuring cup

    - Thermometer

    - An Instant Pot or pressure cooker

Mushroom Cultivation Terms 

    - Mycelium will grow on this substrate, which also serves as a source of nourishment for it.

    - The act of introducing a desirable organism into its environment of growth is known as immunization.

    - Mycelium is the fungi’s subterranean body, which is made up of many microscopic threads.

    - Sterilization is the technique of eliminating all living organisms from a substrate by using extremely high heat.

    - Pasteurization is the technique of inflicting high heat (>70oC) on a substrate to eradicate the majority of living organisms.

    - The time required for our mycelium to develop and colonize a substrate jar is known as the incubation period.

    - The device used to encourage the development of mushrooms is a fruiting chamber.

What Stores Sell Magic Mushroom Spores?

    - Except for the magic mushroom spores themselves, everything on the above list is simple to locate in neighborhood grocery shops or hardware stores.

    - Spores resemble a fungus’ seed. They start to proliferate and form the fungal body when exposed to the appropriate circumstances.

    - The spores of magic mushrooms are not prohibited in the majority of countries.

    - This is due to the absence of the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin in magic mushroom spores.

    - As a result, planet-of-mushrooms Psilocybin mushrooms spores are sold at a reasonable price. Although spore prints and liquid cultures are also available, spore syringes are the most common form in which they are supplied.

    - Syringes are ideal since inoculating the substrate jars you’ll be producing, later on, is much simpler with them.


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