Laminar Flow Hood Is Significantly Used In Mushrooms

By on 08/21/2023

To inoculate surfaces, a Laminar flow hood produces an atmosphere with sterile air. Air bearing more bacterial or fungal spores is pushed out

Laminar flow hood prefilter

...of the area by filtering the air and then blowing this sterile air across the area.


Why is a laminar flow hood essential for mushroom cultivation?

Other fungi and bacteria can flourish in the same conditions as psilocybin spores and mycelium do. In actuality, a lot of other species will outcompete the mushroom mycelium because they develop more quickly and aggressively. To increase the likelihood that the mycelium will grow and something else won’t, a sterile environment must be created.

A laminar flow hood’s working model

A laminar hood circulates sterile air into the work area after pulling air through a filter. A considerably cleaner atmosphere is produced by forcing regular air out and bringing in pure air.

Hepa filter

Dust, pollen, mold, germs, and spores may all be removed from the air to an extent of up to 99.995% using a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. You need specifically use an H14 HEPA filter. Larger or smaller particles are more effectively trapped than tiny ones. The worst-case scenario, when referring to particles smaller than 0.3 microns, is 99.995%. As you can see, they essentially catch everything, including extremely minute objects.

Blower fan

Air is blown into the workstation after being drawn through a HEPA filter by a blower fan. It pulls air in from outside by blowing air. The HEPA filter is installed on the front of the box, and this is mounted on the side or top. To guarantee that air is pulled through effectively, you must verify that the static pressure of the HEPA filter and the blower fan match.

Hardwood Box

Although it isn’t required, we advise using wood because it is a dependable, secure, and manageable material. It could be worthwhile to use silicone and varnish to protect the wood, especially the seams. In addition to the pre-filter, any other open places will also suck air through when the blow fan pushes air out. Thus, it is worthwhile to take this action to prevent filthy air from being unintentionally drawn into the Laminar flow hood.


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