Ingredients And Equipment Required For growing mushrooms

By on 11/26/2023

Would you like to learn what are the tools and ingredients needed to cultivate psilocybin mushrooms with Planet-of-Mushroom Cubensis spores?

Fresh mushrooms inside the basket

You’re not alone, though. The following considerations may explain why more individuals appear to be interested in doing so.

More awareness of magic mushroom advantages:

    - The evolving legal environment: More American towns are choosing to legalize magic mushrooms over time.

    - the abundance of instruction manuals and equipment for producing magic mushrooms

Potential for saving money:

If you’ve decided to produce magic mushrooms, there are two essential yet preliminary procedures you must do. Homegrown psilocybin mushroom cultivation may be both a rewarding hobby and very cost-effective.

Select a Mushroom

Selecting the sort of mushroom you wish to grow should come first. Around 180 species can be found in nature, but only a small number of these will be sold as magic mushroom spores, the progeny that can develop into mushrooms. Varieties of specific natural species can also be purchased. Psilocybin spore prints, for instance, are often bluish-black and have gill arrangements that mimic the iris of a human eye.

Ingredients and Tools

To produce psilocybin mushrooms at home, you’ll need a variety of supplies and tools. The advantage is that you just have to buy this setup once. Compared to purchasing a magic mushroom grow kit or purchasing shrooms by weight from a street seller or darknet merchant, this will prove to be considerably more affordable.


Planet-of-Mushroom Cubensis spore syringes, 10–12 cc. Your psilocybin mushroom spores will be in this. The spores are sown using it into a substrate. At this point, it should be noted that some growers have experienced problems using spore syringes, including contamination, the wrong strain, and even just water. Ensure that you get your Cubensis spores syringe from a reputed supplier like Planet-of-Mushroom.

    - Vermiculite, medium/fine

    - Organic brown rice flour

    - Drinking water


    - 12 half-pint shoulder-less jars having lids

    - Measuring cup

    - small nail and Hammer

    - Strainer

    - Mixing bowl

    - Huge cooking pot having a tight lid for steaming

    - Heavy-duty tin foil

    - Mist spray bottle

    - Micropore tape

    - Small towel

    - Clear storage box of plastic

    - Perlite

    - Drill

Hygiene supplies:

    - Butane/propane torch lighter

    - Rubbing alcohol

    - Air sanitizer

    - Surface disinfectant


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