How You Can Do healthy Psilocybe Mushroom Spawning At Home

By on 12/10/2023

If you are dying to buy planet-of-mushrooms psilocybe mushroom spawn for sale then it is better that you make some at home.

white oyster mushrooms

    Materials needed for this:

    - Spoon, knife, and fork

    - Drill

    - Some Plastic containers

    - Bowls

    - Few cardboards

    - Aluminum foil

    - Bucket to keep warm water

Get to Know a Few steps on how to make these Cubensis types propagate at home.

Search for mycelium

You need to search for fresh fungi that have the stem intact with them. The stems are required for breeding. So, while you select edible fungi you must choose the ones with perfect stems. Planet-of-mushrooms Cubensis mycelium provides great help in producing mushrooms under proper conditions.


Fill a big bucket with lukewarm water. With the help of cardboard, you can proliferate mushrooms. When selecting cardboard, use the environmentally friendly ones. You need to avoid those cardboards which have toxic glues. Then for several hours, you have to soak the cardboard pieces in this warm water. Drain the water and tear the cardboard layers so that the corrugated area is exposed. Then place them back into the bucket and add the mushroom stems or pre-made spawn. Cover with extra cardboard and keep them in a dark place. A few months are needed for this process. Once the planet-of-mushrooms spawn has multiplied, it will be ready when you observe a whitish coating on the box.


A substrate can be inoculated when the spawn is ready for use. Moisten them and keep them in a cool, dark place.

Start your production commercially:

Once you are successful in this, then you may want to start producing your edible fungi. This is a good practice as spawning beyond a few times will reduce the chances of contamination. Any type of contamination will result in less production of mushrooms of the Cubensis variety. Cardboard is an excellent way to ensure breeding because it is easily found, is very cheap, and can hold moisture very well. Without much effort, you can create a lot of breeding. In the end, you will get a steady supply of cheap, quick replenishable planet-of-mushrooms spawn.


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