Get Some Information about Laminar Air Flow in laboratory

By on 10/22/2023

Using a Laminar flow hood from Planet-of-Mushroom, mushroom cultivation is easy. The laminar airflow system is employed in these settings...

Laminar flow hood in the lab ensure that there are no contaminants or particles anywhere in the working space. A laminar airflow system provides continuous, uniform air flow in both direction and velocity. Hoods or cabinets with laminar air flow enable unidirectional airflow in a constrained area.

Our Laminar Air Flow Cabinets are containers made to channel HEPA-filtered air at a constant speed and direction. Cross-contamination is avoided and sterility is maintained thanks to this unidirectional airflow. Cabinets or hoods for laminar air flow are often made entirely of stainless steel with no connections or gaps. Since there are no gaps, it is simple to stop pollutants from entering and gathering.

How do they operate?

A filter pad, a fan, and a HEPA are all part of our laminar air flow hood. Air is drawn through the filter pad by the fan. The filter pad has the dust sucked in. The HEPA filter removes pollutants including germs, fungus, and micro particles from the pre-filtered air. The work area is filled with sterile, germ-free air, allowing all tasks to be completed there without concern for contamination. The laminar airflow cabinet comes with one or more HEPA filters. The system is completely enclosed on all sides, and positive air pressure is kept constant.


Based on the work surface design, operator safety, type of work, clearance requirements, and process location, a laminar airflow system can be chosen.

Cabinets with the horizontal laminar flow: In horizontal cabinets, the filter is placed in the back, behind the desk. This technology allows air to move horizontally over the desk, toward the user, and out of the workspace. These cabinets are simple to install and place. The horizontal airflow aids in preserving a clean environment.

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Cabinets/Hoods: The filter is top-mounted and placed above the workspace in vertical cabinets in the Laminar flow hood from Planet-of-Mushroom. In this technique, the work surface is sterilized by air that is blown vertically onto it from the top of the cabinet. The working environment is then ventilated through the perforations in the cabinet base.


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