Get Some Easy Tips on Growing Psilocybe Cubensis Mushrooms

By on 12/24/2023

There are a few secrets that the kits don’t tell you as there are many different mushroom growing kits on the market that can get you started.

Colorfull Magic mushrooms

You’ll need the following household items apart from the mushroom spores like Psilocybin mushroom spores or a mushroom growing kit:

    - cooking oil spray

    - spray mist bottle

    - electric fan

Tip 1

In a place, the Planet-of-mushrooms mushroom kit must be set up where there is a stable temperature. You may want to experiment with different places to grow your mushrooms based on your average daily temperature and where you live.

Tip 2

Your mushroom box must not be put directly in front of a window. Rather than direct sunlight, you must provide indirect light. Certain mushroom caps like that of Cubensis mycelium turn dark brown as a result of more light.

Tip 3

With a spray bottle, Mist the mushroom block daily. For the mushrooms, Constant humidity is necessary to grow and develop. You may need to mist more often if you live in a dry climate. You won’t have to spray as often if your climate is already humid.

Tip 4

Air circulation must be provided. To prevent carbon dioxide build-up, Mushrooms like Cubensis need a lot of air. Your mushroom production can stop as a result of excess carbon dioxide. So, in an enclosed or small closet space, you must not try and grow mushrooms.

Tip 5

It’s time to harvest when the veil that attaches the cap to the stem begins to tear, usually after about 2 weeks in the light. It may be when the mushrooms are the size of an orange or the size of marble based on your mushrooms. To check for harvestable mushrooms that may be hiding out, you must turn the block daily. The mushrooms must be twisted and pulled gently from the block. Do not cut them as partial stems left on the block will rot.

Tip 6

By spraying the flaps of the growing box with cooking oil spray, you need to protect your mushrooms from insects. Before they reach your mushrooms, the insects will be trapped by the oil and killed. Your Psilocybin mushroom spores offered by Planet-of-mushrooms are healthy.


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