Cubensis: A Guide to the Magic Mushroom

By on 05/15/2023

Psilocybe cubensis, another name for the magic fungus known as Cubensis, has been utilized for its hallucinogenic effects for generations.

Planet of mushrooms

These mushrooms contain psilocybin, a psychedelic substance that has the power to significantly alter perception, emotion, and thinking.

Effects After consumption, the psilocybin in cubensis mushrooms is converted into psilocin, which has a variety of mental and physical effects. Users frequently describe feeling euphoric, having enhanced sensory experience, and having changed cognitive processes. Additionally, some users may encounter time dilation, visual and auditory hallucinations, sensations of profound insight, and spiritual connection.

The effects of cubensis mushrooms might vary significantly depending on the particular user, the dosage, and the setting in which they are ingested, so it’s crucial to keep that in mind. The effects of the medication might vary depending on the individual user, and some may feel extreme anxiety or paranoia.

Getting Ready and Consuming

Mushrooms from the genus Cubensis can be eaten in a variety of ways, including as raw, in tea, or combined with other dishes. However, you should exercise caution while cooking and eating these mushrooms since they might be poisonous if not handled correctly.

Before use, some users might prefer to dry the mushrooms since this might assist to concentrate the hallucinogenic ingredients and make them simpler to dose and monitor. It’s crucial to remember that drying the mushrooms can also cause some of the psilocybin to break down, thus lowering its potency.

Security and Risks

When used appropriately, cubensis mushrooms are usually regarded as safe, however, there are certain hazards involved. Rarely, users may get seriously confused, have a hazardous rise in blood pressure or pulse rate, or require medical assistance.

Cubensis mushrooms can also interact with other drugs, such as over-the-counter vitamins and prescription pharmaceuticals, and they can have unpredicted effects when mixed with alcohol or other drugs. Finally, it’s crucial to remember that cubensis mushrooms are illegal to own and use in many nations, and anybody caught using or distributing them may face legal repercussions.


Users of cubensis mushrooms have reported intense and transformational experiences, but it’s crucial to treat them with respect and prudence. Users can explore the potential advantages of these distinctive and intriguing mushrooms in safety by being aware of the hazards and taking the necessary measures.


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