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What is a Cubensis growkit?

Cubensis Growkit is a mushroom mycelium that is ready for microscopic study or mushroom cultivation.

Can I legally grow mushrooms in my home?

Depends where you live. For example, in Austria, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, you can grow Cubensis mushrooms for your purposes. In a country like Poland you can have mycelium, but you can’t grow mushrooms. In Poland, this mycelium can only be used for microscopic examination. You must know that the our shop is not responsible for your choices. You are responsible for your own decisions.

Is the growkit contains illegal substances?

Fresh cubensis mycelium does not contain any illegal substances (such as psilocybin or psilocin), but when you start growing mushrooms, the mycelium also produces that psychoactive substances. If you do not want to produce this substance, store the mycelium at 2-4*C. Throw it in the trash after 6 months.

What is the mushrooms spores?

Mushrooms spores are like tree seeds. They contains genetic of their mushroom parents. Using spores to inoculation substrates is litle bit random. You don’t know what genetics is inside your syringe or print. You must have skilks for find the best genetics from tousend or even milions of the spores. Or you can play to roulette and inoculate with spore syringe :)

What is the ampoules?

Ampoules contain living mycelium isolated in profesional lab. Mycelium with good genetics. For better fruiting, fast growing and more resistant for contaminiant.

Why don't you include instructions?

We do not include instructions because of safety of the shipping. But it can be found on the manufacturer’s website. www.growkit.com

Is it an advantage that you send from Poland?

Shipping from Poland is not as suspicious as shipping from the Netherlands. We sending with stickers and labels from real shop with edible mushrooms mycelium.

Do you ship worldwide?

We can send growkits and psilocybin mushrooms spores to all the world. If you don’t see your country on the list, contact with us. We’ll check is shipping to your destonation is posible.